Insider Ownership

Name Relationship/Title Total Held
Cary Christopher Treasurer 6,000
Craddock Geoff Other 5,000
Dombcik Jeffrey A. Chief Credit Officer 146,713
Dunwoody W. Mccomb Director 113,323
Freno Michael Director 10,000
Gambill Mark M. Director 34,301
Goldstein Benjamin S. Director 65,873
Knox C. Robert Principal Accounting Officer 78,281
Landsberg Jonathan Director 3,138
Lilly Steven C. Director, CFO and Secretary 256,818
Lloyd Eric Director, Chief Executive Officer 14,500
Mulhern Mark F. Director 9,791
Nordan Cary B. Chief Origination Officer 167,689
Poole E. Ashton Director, President and CEO 181,534
Rich Simon B. Director 95,276
Switzer John Director 2,000
Thompson Paul John Other 12,000
Tucker Garland S. Director 146,031
Vaughn Douglas A. Chief Administrative Officer 144,830

* Represents ownership of less than 1% of total shares outstanding.

The table below displays the number of non-derivative securities directly held by officers, directors and 10% shareholders as reflected in their most recent Section 16 filings.

For recent transactions, including derivative transactions, see our Section 16 SEC filings page.